Don’t get bit when the travel bug bites

Do I Have Malaria

Do I have malaria? One of the biggest dangers when visiting tropical countries across the globe is the risk of malaria. Malaria is spread through bites from infected mosquitoes, and symptoms can take as long as 15 days or longer to emerge. Early symptoms, such as fever, headaches, and chills may be mild at first […]

Bednets are important?

Are bed nets so important? Bed nets are one of the most effective and simple ways to prevent bites from mosquitoes and other insects. Diseases such as Malaria can be transmitted by mosquito bites. Typically, mosquitoes are most active between 10 at night and 2 in the morning. Mosquito nets provide a physical barrier between […]

malaria tablets, is that enough?

I’ve got my malaria tablets, is that enough? So you’ve got your tablets sorted, that’s enough to avoid malaria right? Unfortunately not. The NHS recommend an ABCD approach to preventing malaria. A for Awareness of risk – speak to a medical professional about whether you are at risk. B for Bite prevention – avoid mosquito […]

Can I use insect repellent and sun cream at the same time?

Can I use insect repellent and sun cream at the same time? Usage of both insect repellents and sun creams or sunscreens have significant short and long term health benefits. This is particularly true in tropical environments. But is it safe to use both at the same time? Luckily, yes it is! You should take […]

Do home remedies prevent insect bites?

Do home remedies prevent insect bites?   In a word, no! We’ve all heard the natural remedies, take the right vitamins, try eating garlic or even cover your skin with marmite! While you might love these ‘solutions’, or more probably hate them, none of them really work. Despite what even the most seasoned traveller may […]

How often should I apply insect repellents?

How often should I apply insect repellents? Like any product applied to the skin, over time repellents will evaporate, rub off or be absorbed into the skin. Repellents must remain at a certain concentration on the body to remain effective. Sweating or swimming can cause repellents to wash off the skin. If that happens, you […]

How should I use insect repellent?

Use insect repellent? Tropical repellents are recommended for use by children of all ages unless the label states otherwise. Products containing DEET are considered safe for use on children over two months old. For PMD repellents, always follow the recommendations on the label. Repellents should be applied by an adult to ensure even coverage and […]

Facts About Ticks

Facts About Ticks Tick bites aren’t always painful. You may not notice a tick unless you see it on your skin. Ticks can range in size from small specks about the size of a pin head, up to around the size of a fingernail when fully engorged with blood. Ticks cannot fly or jump; they […]