Can I use insect repellents on my clothes or tent?

There are specially formulated treatments for fabrics that are far mor effective then”skin intended” sprays.  These contain Permethrin which is an insecticide which actually kills the insects if they come into contact with it. LifeSystems EX4 Anti Mosquito Clothing Treatment is ideal as it can be sprayed on straight from the bottle.  Some other treatments canbe used to wash into your clothing or bed nets.

Permethrin is not to be sprayed onto the skin

Are DEET based repellents safe to use?

There are lot of reports about DEET and its long term effect on humans, but many of these reports are anecdotal and sensational. Some of the real scientific reports, which are a little mundane, tend to be overlooked but show DEET to be safe for periodic, occasional use (BMC report). The theoretical risks associated with wearing an insect repellent should be weighed against the reduction or prevention of the risk of fatal or debilitating diseases including malaria, dengue, yellow fever, filariasis and Lyme disease.

How to apply bug repellent to your face?

Spraying directly on to your face can prove very uncomfortable if you get it in your eyes, worse still if its your children on the receiving end!

The are several things you can do to apply bug repellent to your face.

1. Spray on to your hands and carefully apply to face and neck taking special care to get it behind and around your ears.  The problem with using your hands is to get effective coverage you will need to do it several times.

2. Use wipes that contain repellents, such as Smidge wipes.  These are easier to apply and make sure you get a better coverage

3.  Roll-on, not qite are easy but apply in one area and use your hand spread it around.

How do I apply sun-screen & bug spray?

Apply in the right order; Sun-screen first bug spray next